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This endpoint deals with the current user data. If you want to manage users under your account (add, remove subusers or change their permissions), head over to the subusers section.

Get user

curl '' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

HTTP Request


Available fields:

idUser's internal ID
nameUser's name
report_intervalSummary report interval (in seconds)
report_hourHour of the summary report
payment_activeWhether or not the paid subscription is active
planInfo about the subscription plan
account_accessInfo about the current user account access
keyword_limitKeyword limit
url_limitURL limit
timezoneUser's timezone
whitelabelWhether or not the account is whitelabeled
agencyWhether or not the account is whitelabeled
invoice_emailEmail used on the invoice
invoice_nameName used on the invoice
invoice_addressAddress used on the invoice
invoice_stateState used on the invoice
invoice_cityCity used on the invoice
invoice_postcodePostcode used on the invoice
invoice_countryCountry used on the invoice
invoice_vat_numberCountry used on the invoice
is_companyWhether or not the account is a company
creditsHow many Partner API credits the account has
statusAccount status (trial, expired, paying, subuser, cancelled)
active_untilUntil when the subscription is good for (this extends on every billing cycle)
next_payment_due_onDate of next billing
keywords_remainingKeywords remaining until limit is reached
urls_remainingURLs remaining until limit is reached
keyword_countKeywords used
url_countURLs used
last_login_ipLast login IP

Update user

curl '' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

HTTP Request


URL Parameters

timezoneTimezone in TZ database name format
report_intervalSummary report interval in seconds (available options: 86400, 604800, 2592000)
invoice_emailEmail for invoices
invoice_nameName on the invoice
invoice_addressAddress on the invoice
invoice_stateState on the invoice
invoice_cityCity on the invoice
invoice_postcodePostcode on the invoice
invoice_countryPostcode on the invoice (Full name format, e.g New Zealand)
invoice_vat_numberCompany's VAT number
is_companyIs the account a company (needed for VAT exempt: true/false)